Meet the Team

We are an agile tech startup of engineers, analysts, and lifelong learners. We believe in an iterative design process, continuous improvement, simplicity, and transparency. We came together to build Outreach Grid from the ground up while partnering with service and city agencies. Our goal is the same as yours: to reduce homelessness and service vulnerable populations. Our vision is to make data for homelessness sensible, usable, and practical.

Tiffany Pang

Startup in Residence alum. Early Instacart employee & engineer. Neuroscience @ Yale .

John Cadengo

Early Getaround employee & engineer. Formerly, engineer at AppCard and CBS . Math/Computer Science @ UC San Diego .

Tetsuro Miyatake

Investment manager at Digital Garage, a tech venture capital and accelerator . Business Administration @ Babson College .

Lily Zhou
Data Analyst

Product Analyst at Udemy . Data Analyst at Instacart and TalkDesk . Environmental Science and Global Health @ Northwestern University

Kiara Hearn
Customer Happiness

Programs Coordinator at Arlington Public Library . VITA Site Coordinator at City of Fort Worth . Humanities @ Yale

Ronald Santos
QA Engineer

History buff. Logistics master. Tests all the things. Loves Kung Fu Tea.

How can we help you?

Outreach Grid is a collaborative software platform that provides powerful, coordinated entry for homelessness management and is accessible by anyone, anywhere. The first of its kind and battle-tested in California and Texas, Outreach Grid is a coordinated entry system that is easily adaptable to the needs of any Continuum of Care — collecting information from first contact to housing. With built-in features like customizable assessments, controlled data and information sharing, encounter and encampment mapping, and HMIS data compliance, we enable agencies to end homelessness together. Best of all, Outreach Grid removes all barriers for entry into the system for those who are most vulnerable. With Outreach Grid, any mobile device within your Continuum of Care becomes an access point in one consolidated platform.

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Outreach Grid is a product of Appledore. Appledore is a software technology company based in San Francisco and Irvine.
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